Al7awy. Mizuno سنيكرز شبكي لرياضة الجري - رمادي غامق
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Mizuno سنيكرز شبكي لرياضة الجري - رمادي غامق

Dedicated to improving performance through technological enhancements‎,‎ Japanese‎,‎ sports equipment brand Mizuno creates unique products with features that enhance athlete performance‎.‎ Dating all the way back to 1906‎,‎ Mizuno has always been concerned with sports‎,‎ and is perhaps most famous for pioneering ‎'‎wave technology‎'‎ ‎;‎ a nature inspired‎,‎ midsole technology which dissipates impact away from the foot for a smoother‎,‎ more cushioned feel when your walk‎.‎ For gold‎-medal level comfort and performance‎,‎ Since the brand’s foundation‎,‎ directional sportswear label Mizuno have been on a mission to provide beautifully crafted sports wear and footwear that uses state of the art technological advancements in fabric and fit‎.‎
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